Generation Summaries

Generation One - Elaine 'Casper' Lost

As a child Elaine Lewis never got along with her family. Her mother never thought her smart enough and her father was afraid to speak in her defense. Pushed to constantly be something she wasn’t she started acting out. She met a boy, Logan, in the fourth grade who eventually became her best friend. A friend who came to her side whenever she would fight with her mother and end up running out in the middle of the night. At sixteen her mother completely gave up on trying to create a ‘perfect’ daughter out of Elaine and sent her to live with her aunt, who was less strict but still overprotective and was also convinced she could reform Elaine. Not that she needed to be reformed. Around this time Elaine met Riley Nickles a twenty something year-old who was convinced he saw something in Elaine. After being told by him about a organization that worked in the shadows - a crime organization - she became interested in joining. Elaine managed to find the guy running the ring in Sunset Valley. After doing some less than desirable deeds to get in she was handed her first official job. Kill a big CEO in town for a client looking for less competition. With Riley at her side she went off and did. Although she managed to complete the job she became sick over what she did and locked herself away for days. However she eventually came back out and started a closer relationship with Riley. But at seventeen she found a way to fake her death once she noticed just how much attention the murder was getting and she went hiding. A year later, now in Bridgeport, Riley found her again though it took a while for him to forgive her for making him think she was dead. The two lived for a while undisturbed until Brandon the one who got her in showed up and found the two. Riley went back into the organization in an attempt to keep both Elaine and their unborn child safe from them. Meanwhile Elaine ran back to Sunset Valley changing her name to Lost. She didn’t worry about being caught as most people didn’t know her anyway. With help from Riley’s parents - who she met a year prior - she managed to get a nice house for her and her daughter Danny. Years after moving back she heard news that an explosion in Bridgeport managed to kill a large number of criminals including Riley, based on dental records. Not long after, while she was still grieving, she met Jack Rein who she eventually struck a relationship with. She moved in and Jack soon became a pseudo father to Danny. That is until Logan came into town and told her that Riley was still alive, after six years of her thinking him dead. She met with Riley again and had him meet Danny but was then faced with the issue of choosing between Riley and Jack. The latter of which was the father of her unborn child, whose existence was unbeknownst to her as well as him. She chooses Riley and the two go on to get married. Jack eventually gets shot in a drug bust (as he’s a cop) and dies soon after his son Ruben is born. Riley and Elaine attend the funeral despite Jack’s families glares. They then go on to raise both kids as best as they can.

Generation Two - Ruben Lost

As a child Ruben was always put second to his sister and not because she was a good child either. His parents Elaine and Riley both ended up having most of their attention turned to the rebellious Danny who refused to follow rules. Even after he was almost hit by a car they still had most of their focus on her. Ruben himself was a proficient pianist. Even winning awards at school and competitions. But most of the time his parents couldn't attend because Danny had gotten in trouble again. When Danny ran away with Spencer Marks and became entangled in the same business that her mother was once a part of his parents devoted all their time to finding her. Despite all this Ruben loved his parents and was devastated when his father died. Ruben eventually moved to Bridgeport where he had found trouble finding a job because his sister was a known killer and he was written off as being the same. A friend, Maxine Carol, gave him a job at her bar and helped him pay rent on bad months. One day on a break at work he notices the elevator buttons get pressed through a mirror but the image on the mirror doesn't show anyone. He runs down to the ground and follows the 'invisible' being to the alley. Where he stumbles upon a passed out Layla. By Maxine's suggestion he brings the passed out Layla to his new apartment in hopes that she'll wake up the next day. She does so and the two begin to talk and become friends. She later shows up at a party at Maxine's bar with a wound on her torso. Her and Ruben head to the alley to talk more comfortably when Ruben gets a call from a hospital telling him that his mother's been shot. Ruben sits at her bedside as she dies from having been shot by Danny. People come by to comfort him but nothing helps. Later he hears a noise outside and ends up guarding Layla from an unknown figure that's chasing her. Layla explains that the person was trying to kill her because she's a vampire. Ruben doesn't believe her and the two argue which leads to them dating. The two date for a while before attending Cory and Maxine's wedding. Here Ruben meets Amy, who is eventually shown to be the one trying to kill Layla for her being a vampire. Later that night Ruben gets a text from Layla breaking up with him. Him and Amy become a couple later after he plays at her friend's party. While at a bar however he meets two more vampires, Shannon and Ryan. Shannon informs him that Amy is a hunter and has killed most of their 'family'. He goes home only to be knocked out and taken hostage by Amy who is obsessed with him. Later he gets rescued by Shannon and Ryan who turn him on the condition that he'll help them later. Although they don't actually explain it to him. He ends up living with Layla who left him to protect him and their unborn kid from Amy. He eventually turns vamp and they have a son named Kaige. He gets a call from Layla that worries him and when he finds her she's dead. He kills Amy who killed Layla. Ryan comes in and tells Ruben he'll have to go to jail for Amy's or both girl's murders. Ruben agrees and ask Ryan to take care of Kaige and not let him know about his father. Ryan leaves reminding him that Kaige will have to finish the deal.

Generation 3 - Kaige Lost

Kaige was given to an aristocratic vampire family as a small toddler. Not long after being adopted by them did they end up dead. Killed by hunters. Kaige was then taken in by the Raven family or Ryan's family. He was meant to complete a deal struck by his father. Kaige believes it to be a deal forcing him to marry Ryan's oldest daughter Tabitha as that's what they tell him. When that's not entirely true. As a teen Kaige was very athletic as well as rebellious. Despite Ryan being kind-ish to him and giving him what he wanted, Kaige still hated him and the rest of the family except for Kelly. The second child. Kelly tells Kaige of a plan her and two others have to take power in the world. To build up and army and kill Tabitha and her father. Kaige refuses to go along with it however. Which has her threaten to kill him too. Years later Tabitha and Kaige end up married despite both wanting nothing to do with each other. He meets up with an old friend, Ellie who turns out to be pregnant, and later gets a threat from Kelly again who leaves. He only shrugs the threat off. A while later a girl drops a toddler off on their doorstep with a note claiming it's Kaige's. The girl's name is Devon. After a blood test confirms it's really his he's forced into caring for the girl. Tabitha sets a nursery up in the house and Percy finally begins to speak to Kaige again. Percy and his fiancé Melody begin to spend time with Kaige. A bell at the gate has Kaige go investigate where he meets a girl who gives him a paper and tells him to call 'Lost'. He calls but doesn't get an answer from who he was supposed to and later heads to the park with Devon as it gets dark. He meets the girl there again who says her name is Amelia and tells him that 'Lost' is Ruben and is also Kaige's father. Kaige, however, refuses to accept him as a father. Kaige does agree to go meet him though. Once their outside his apartment he requests answers from Amelia. Amelia tells him about his mother and that the deal is actually about a vampire power struggle. Amelia also explains that she's an angel sent by Ms. Fate to keep the Lost Family on track. Kaige meets his father and gets a bad start by yelling at him and blaming him. Amelia gets them to sit down but Kaige leaves anyway. Soon after he gets home though Ellie shows up needing his help as she goes into labor. Eric delivers the baby; Yuuki. Tabitha shows up later and announces she pregnant with Kaige's kid. She ends up going in labor minutes after Ellie. Ellie leaves as soon as she gets the chance and Tabitha ends up having twins. Four years later Kaige sees a newscast announcing Kelly's death. A stranger also appears in his living room. He goes by the name, Royce, and calls himself Ellie's fiancé. Royce explains he's there to see the twins. To judge how useful they'll be. He plans to cure supernaturals and make them all humans. He also says that the deal between him-Ryan-and Ruben had to do with this. That he originally planned to use Kaige, whose half-human, to create a cure for supernaturals. But Ryan ended up having Kaige marry Tabitha to quell the riots that rose up due to people not wanting Tabitha, a girl and half-blood, to rule. He leaves with the threat of coming back for one of the twins.

Generation 4 - Jasper Lost

 Jasper was kidnapped at fourteen and locked away in the 'Compound' where they ran experiments and tests on her in an attempt to find a cure to vampirism. She met many people in the Compound around her age that were also being experimented on. One of which was a human boy named Yuuki. He was locked up due to insolence and all their initial conversations happened through a door. Although he eventually started following rules and they became a couple despite their situation. The group eventually planned and escape and executed it. Upon escaping, 3 years later, however Jasper lost everyone and was shot before falling over the overlook. She is rescued by a hunter named Derek who has his doctor friend, also hunter, Jenelle, come and bandage her. Jasper finds herself lacking her memory although it doesn't take long for it to start bleeding back in. She goes wandering one day after trying to find out who she is and ends up in a cemetery. Where she meets up with Yuuki though she doesn't remember him. She tries to leave when he shows up but stops when he claims he knows her. He tells her, her name which she looks up and finds out that she's been found dead. That her death was faked shortly after she was kidnapped. She wants to meet her family but is too nervous. Yuuki visits her a while later saying he knows how to get her memories back and after some convincing manages to get Amelia to give them back. With her memories back Jasper and Yuuki start dating again and Jasper goes and meets her family. On the Twins eighteenth birthday Harley had a big party. But Jasper felt out of place as she didn't know anyone. Yuuki took Jasper out instead and proposed to her. Jasper instead of answering ran away back home. Yuuki followed and after some discussion she said yes. Shortly after she ends up getting chased by a red-headed woman and saved by a vampire claiming to be her uncle Nick. With no further incidents Yuuki and Jasper have eight kids and struggle to raise them without going insane. Not long after the two's final pair of twins was born did the same red-headed woman from before return looking for them. Yuuki was out of the house and as soon as she could Jasper went looking for him. She found him backed to the edge of a parking garage by his mother. Begging him to come back and claiming she had his siblings. The red-head showed up and also demanded they go back to the compound. In an effort to protect their kids they both jumped off the parking structure. Jasper managed to survive to the hospital only to die on the table and Yuuki was dead on arrival. Ruben wasn't known to them and Kaige went MIA after his daughter's death; supposedly the grief overcame him. So their eight kids ended up taking residence with their uncle Nick.

Generation 5 - Noah Lost

In his childhood Noah was a smart child. He was top in his class and studied really often. As he aged he continued to keep high grades even after widening his social circle. He was really close to his two older sisters. When he was 18 his sister had bought him a motorbike. He also had a girlfriend, Ashley Rollings, who broke up with him seemingly for no reason after Aspen went missing. When he was 14 his sister Remy also went missing. After graduating he started working through a blog doing whatever odd job he could. His sister Josephine came to meet him after his Uncle left town. She asked his advice on a possible cure for Camden. Soon after that he begins dating his landlady Kimmy Gross. He meets the angel Amelia as well as a woman named Adrianne Chance. Adrianne pays him a thousand dollars to drive her somewhere. She then takes him to one of the research facilities of the Mark's Corporation. There they attach a bomb to his wrist that will blow if he leaves the city. He then rescues a girl he found passed out in the rain. After he finds out that Josephine has gone missing he demands they take him to see her. After seeing her he freed a demon locked away in the cellar at her command. Adrianne threatened to kill his family if he didn't kill a woman by the name Brylee Scott. At home he meets the demon he freed and the two go to find the woman not before Kimmi attempts to tell Noah something. Noah finds the girl in an old bar where before he gets the chance to confront her he meets up with his sister Remy. Remy takes him to the abandoned prison she's been living at with her husband and son. She then tells him about their families past and how they're connected to the Mark's corporation and the supernatural. He then goes to find the girl with Blake (the demon) who had just saved Josephine and Camden. He managed to then convince Brylee to join them. Josephine has a baby a year later. Kaige shows up after a year along with Amelia. Amelia makes a threat towards Noah's family and Kaige helps Remy and the vampires living with them plan an attack on the king. Ten months later Brylee  ends up pregnant. Eight months after that Noah gets a call from Adrianne to come to where they were holding Josephine or Kimmy and her kid would die. They show up and Adrianne leads them to a room. Where they meet the section leader and current leader of the Marks Corporation. The Current leader is his uncle Reece. The section leader makes it known that Brylee is a clone of herself. They lock them up but only for a few weeks as Remy and Blake come and save them. Brylee gave birth to a girl named Lilli. Remy sets off a bomb that puts the Marks Corporation temporarily out of commission. The group then turned their attention to protecting their kids and raising an army for a war on the vampire king.

Generation 6 - Lilli Lost

As a child Lilli was very energetic and afraid of water. She never got along with her sister Aidan. One day she followed a cat out of the abandoned prison's study and lost him but felt like someone was there. Years later she's sent to a school in appaloosa with Aidan and her cousin Trevor. While there she takes up horse riding. She begins have wierd dreams and the cat from before comes back. She chases it to an old house where a woman named Clarice offers to make her a witch. After a few days of consideration she accepts and is told that Clarice and the familiar Nick need her to capture a reaper in a wand. She then finds out that Aidan has also become a witch. Nick and Clarice take Lilli with them on a trip to Egypt where she becomes a skilled tomb explorer and practices more magic. She meets a blonde-haired boy named Asher who erases her memory of this meeting and disappears. She heads back to the school where both Gabriel and Reagan are now attending. Meanwhile Asher himself is enrolling in a human school. Reagan has become an adept inventor and Gabriel has the power to see the future. Lilli, heads home and finds out about the vampire war. After begging to help and being turned down her father and aunt lead an assault on King Vamp Cory's house leading to the death of many including her Father. Nick comes soon after to continue teaching her. Years later she meets Asher again. Meanwhile Gabriel meets the Courier who he names Nicole and the two start a relationship years later. He also meets the Angel Parker. Asher and Reagan retrieve a special wand years later and bring it to Lilli who after a proposal heads off to face the reaper. Her and Nick find an interesting mirror and take it with them. She meets Aidan there who tells Lilli that Nick is lying to her and Nick then knocks Aidan out. After a quick conversation with the reaper about the angels Lilli manages to trap her in the wand. Lilli goes home noticing her powers are mostly gone. Parker appears and tries to apologize. Asher then comes in and Nick accuses him of lying about there meeting. The two fight. Asher's sister comes by and tells him that their mother is sick and asks him to come home. He does with Lilli's blessing. Reagan and her fiance then move in. Lilli finds out she's pregnant. She gets married and has twins. Her and Asher then move to Appaloosa.

Generation 7 - Callum Lost

Coming Soon?

Generation 8 - Amara Lost

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