May 24, 2014

Generation 1 Chapter 1: Hardened Criminal

Bad people are labeled bad because of their mistakes. People in prison are bad. People running from prison is bad. People who fail and drop out are bad. Mom and dad told me that everyone I ever met was bad. That all my friends were criminals and fugitives running from the law. They forced me to live at my aunt's when I was 16 because they couldn't handle me and my rebellious stage. To them I was bad.

The smell in the small waterlogged bar was bad, too. It smelt like wet dog and piss. The music, if you can call it that, was some funky looking chick strumming discordant notes on a guitar. At her feet was the case to hold the money she was begging for. She turned her eyes to me and followed after as I walked across the room. I apparently forgot to drop the five lonely dollars in my pocket in her case. She was not happy at my mind slip. Not that she looked happy to begin with.

"And what can I get for you?" The man behind the bar asked. His voice was low like a bass. I've never liked deep voices. He was also wearing leopard print. Who wears leopard print nowadays. I spun around in my seat a few times before finally making eye contact.

"Something strong. Something really, really strong." I muttered rubbing my temples.
"Id please." He asked putting out a hand. I sent a glare his way and scoffed in disbelief. It's nice that he thinks I'm young looking. But I'm not a child.

"I'm old enough to be in here! I'm nineteen not nine!" I shouted at him in a whisper. He pulled his hand back and rubbed his neck.

"Nineteen. Not Twenty-one." He said. "Twenty-one's the drinking age here. Sorry." He muttered heading to the other side of the counter and begun wiping it down. I looked over the bar at the floor. Covered in mud and filth. Dead flies and roaches. Not where I would prefer to get a drink, even if I could. But I can't afford anything better.

"Whatever." I muttered standing up and walking out. I cut through the alley off to the side. Only to pass into a field behind the bar where the garbage is thrown away. The moment I stepped out of the alley I was grabbed and thrown against the wall. A hand clamped over my mouth.

"Hush now little one." The man, Brandon, said putting a finger to his lips. I remember him. One of my old delinquent friends my mother forced me away from. One of the organization members who I had ran from a few years back. He was a killer, thief, and a liar. And I was now his target.

I didn't move. Didn't say anything. He'd kill me if I talked. Although chances were he was going to kill me anyway.

"Are you gonna cut her open or what?" Asked the ditzy blonde behind him, Taylor. She was an idiot. Only with them because her chest was supersized. They didn't seem to remember me which was a good thing.

"Not yet, something about her eye seem familiar." He said crushing my hope of him not remembering me.

"Uh, dude. She's the Viper's girl." The beanie wearing idiot, Kyle muttered. He wasn't dangerous either. Just some steroid buffed idiot who stands in the back and looks tough. In fact I could easily kick his ass. It's Brandon I'm scared of.

Viper was the most skilled thief and killer in the organization's ranks. He was death himself and merciless as he cut the throats of innocents. When he met me he marked me as his. The tattoo on my wrist is his mark. The tattoo is him staking his claim.

"Viper? Well the only girl of his I know can't be." Brandon mutters finally connecting the dots. "Well you look lively for a dead girl. What was your name?" He said scratching his head. "Oh, let's call you Casper." Three years ago I cut all my ties to these people. But now they're back.

"Casper that a pr-"

"Shut up, idiot!" Brandon shouted slapping Kyle on the back of the head. He stopped and listened for a while. In the background I could hear faint sirens going off. And soon I could see the police lights turn our way.

The three left when Taylor complained about getting her third strike. They ran off and I fell to the ground. It took a few minutes to catch my breath but I soon did and I got up and out of there before the police could find me. I knew one person who would know where to find me and one person who would know if I was in trouble.

"How?" I asked slamming the door and watching the little orange-white tabby cat jump off the couch startled. The bell around it's neck ringing with each step. His name was Nugget we got him a year ago. He was the only cat in the store when we got him. No one else wanted him so he fit in with us when you think about it. I turned my attention back to the brown haired boy on the couch.

"How what?" He asked arching an eyebrow.

"How did you know I needed help?"

"It's three-fifty." He said turning back to the TV. He was watching old home movies from when we moved here two years ago. A year after I 'died'. I didn't understand why he did that. This was his hundred thousandth time watching them.

I climbed over the back of the couch and sat down.

"What's the time have to do with it?" I asked.

"You told me you'd be home at four. You always come home ten minutes before you say. You are always ten minutes early. Then you laugh and apologize for being late. When it was three-fifty and you weren't home I got worried." He chuckled. "You've become predictable."

"I am not!" I said shoving his shoulder lightly. He laughed at me again and nodded.

"Yes. Yes you are!" He laughed harder and I pushed him again. This chuckle filled idiot. This light-hearted, caring boy. This was the Viper and my boyfriend. He, however, prefers Riley. "Dude, you shouldn't hit me. I am a hardened criminal. An evil mastermind."

"A hardened criminal really?" I said with disbelief. "You are a twenty-five year old, boy, living with two cats. One of which is pregnant." I pointed out looking towards Nonary. Nonary was his cat from before me. She had a swollen belly. Inside was Nugget's little kitten or kittens.

"You're right. I've gone soft." He laughed grabbing my arm and pulling me on top of him.
Mom called him 'bad'.

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  1. I really liked this story so far! it is not like the other sim stories that I read or like the one I am writing at all! I really hope you keep this legacy going! Can't wait to see what's next.. and I hope you will also take the time to read my story too! It isn't nearly as good as yours though =]

    1. Thanks for reading and for the comment. I'm glad you like the story. I like your legacy too. And believe me your legacy is just as good maybe better than mine in it's own rights. :)

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